Well Head Protective Structure

Description :
we supplies a wide variety of Subsea Structures (and trash caps) to suit all client’s subsea protection requirements.
We also offer a complete refurbishment service for any structures which are retrieved.
which protect the subsea asset against high lateral (snag) loadings, dropped objects, etc. Alternatively a far more cost effective fisher friendly ‘deflector’ designs can be completed, which protect the subsea asset but to a much lesser degree.
Various designed items can be supplied for the protection of subsea wellhead housings, subsea trees, subsea manifolds, etc.
TS We have in-house knowledge and experience in the design and installation of all structure types and trash caps as well as the retrieval of our own supplied or 3rd party installed equipment.
All new or refurbished structures (and caps) are supplied with comprehensive spares, assembly tooling (if required) and subsea installation tooling and equipment.

Why choose TS to supply your Subsea Structures ?
Provides full in-houses design, manufacture and offshore installation services for a range of items
All Structures fully designed to industry recognized standards
Supply costs effective bespoke solutions
Fully ‘light weight deflector’ designs supplied
Installed (or retrieved) by dedicated and competent TS Service Engineers


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