Containerized Steam Generator


• Single lift unit
• Fully contained within one 20 x 8 container for reduced footprint and cost-effective transportation
• Steam vents and safety valve vents mounted away from passing personnel
• Internal intrinsically safe lighting enables safe operation and maintenance in all conditions
• High and low water levels, high-pressure steam and flame
failure shutdowns are fitted as standard as safety and protection measures
• Gas Detection (propane, methane and H2S)
• Fitted with a Fire Suppression System
• Blowdown vessel for safe release of high-pressure steam
during working operations
• The boiler includes forced air cooling to ensure surface temperatures below 200ºC are maintained


• Experienced personnel providing a complete operational package
including: hook-up & commissioning, servicing, re-fueling and multiple installation assistance
• Additional Steam Hose length available upon request


Total Solutions 4.28 MMbtu steam generators are installed in purpose-built DNV 2.7-1 containers (fully compliant to DNV 2.7-2). Each unit is delivered with internal water and fuel tanks, 200 feet of steam hose consisting of 200 feet lengths together with a comprehensive spares kit. These units have been engineered to be fully contained within one 20 x 8 container, ensuring a reduced footprint as well as cost effective transportation. When supplied as a package with our 100 cfm or 1600 cfm Rig safe compressors, they complete a fully compliant DNV 2.7-2 package.
The generators are suitable for well testing operations or temporary replacement of installed boiler systems during maintenance. They are also suitable for use in industrial applications such as tank cleaning, descaling, shutdowns and heavy oil removal.
Total Solutions generators are designed to ASME/CE steam
generator vessel codes.
An on-board Emergency Shutdown System is fitted as
standard ensuring instant safe shutdown should gas be detected. Each unit is also fitted with a Fire Suppression System.
Total Solutions also has an extensive rental fleet of rig safe
steam generators, producing volumes ranging from 1.4 Million Btu through to 6.2 Million Btu’s.

Technical Specifications

4.28 MMbtu Rig Safe Steam Generator

4.28 MMbtu Rig Safe Steam Generator
Steam Output
2000 Kgs per hour, 4,28,000 Btu
Working Pressure
150 psi , 10.3 bar
Maximum Discharge Temperature
185ºC / 365ºF
Water Feed Capacity
1400 liters / 308 gallons
Fuel Consumption
124 liters / 32.7 gallons per hour
Fuel Tank Capacity
1200 liters / 317 gallons
Burner Capacity
1480 kW gross
480V @ 50Hz / 3 phase control circuits 220V
Steam Outlet Valve
2” Fig 206 Weco Union
Steam Return Connection
2” Fig 206 Weco Union
Water Inlet Connection
1” Crowsfoot
Weights & Dimensions
Over all Dimensions
Overall Width
Over all Height
16500 Kgs
36376 lbs

Containerized steam generator

Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Tare (Kg)
Payload (Kg)
MGW (Kg)


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